POYO - 19
Morf 2020 © - Howlers crew
45 x 39 cm
18 x 15 inches
Sketch with Pen & Pencil on ivory old paper 250g - signed and authenticated​​​​​​​



Unfortunately, at this moment in time the current health emergency is bringing all Italian hospitals to their knees, including those in Turin which are on the road to collapse. For this reason we decided to create an event to raise funds for the hospitals in our city.
Here is how it works:
On Sunday 5 April at 11:00 am all artists participating in the #urbanartistpertorino event will auction off an original painting or drawing on their Instagram accounts.
To participate in the auction, users bid in the comments section of the photo by raising the previous bid.
The starting price will be 50,00 € and the raising bids will be 20,00 €. 
The auction will close at 9:00 pm on Monday 6 April. The highest bid wins, and the winner will be COMMITTED TO THE  PAYMENT OF THE AMOUNT to one of the two hospitals that will be indicated in the caption of the post and they will have to send receipt of the payment made via DM to the artist.
Each of us will then be responsable for sending the work to the winner, only after receiving proof of payment. The shipping costs are charged to the buyer who will make a paypal or bank transfer to your account after you have calculated the amount according to the destination.​​​​​​​

April 6 2020

The artistic project raised € 9,000.00 for Turin's hospitals. 
Over 40 urban artists took part at the initiative.

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