An adventure in the eccentric and enigmatic world of circus: what’s hiding behind the various and coloured marquees? Fire eaters, beardy woman, geniuses, clowns and mysterious creatures who will not make life easy for our Hero: a courageous mouse in shining armour!

In each marquee our Hero has to face intricate patterns. The challenge consists in reaching the exit with the minimum possible number of moves. But it’s not as easy as it seems: each circus performer demands a tribute, to let you gain access to the following pattern and get closer to the next marquee. Therefore, our Hero has to find the perfect compromise between a fast track and a path allowing him to collect the buttons, the exchange currency all circus performers yearn for. Many obstacles are on the way, but our Hero will also find precious surprises which will turn out to be priceless aces in the hole. So, sharpen your wits and arm yourself with courage, the show is about to begin!



blu • (+ wood pattern)
red • (+ wood pattern)
white • (+ Red = marquee pattern)
grey • (+ white = dark marquee pattern)

screen 1 • pocket
screen 2 • marquee coin
screen 3 • extra life
Button are points to complete the scheme

Every buttons has a different value
if you want you can buy extra things in the game  

marquee coin +  life
extra activities that can be purchased

lightning, hourglass, key, gear
created for tossa game

avaiable on 
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